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  • Most Popular in Wyndham Garden Resort!

Dolphin Tours at Wyndham Gardens

Dolphin tour in Fort Myers Beach

Quick Details

Single Waverunner 1 Person on 1 Waverunner
Double Waverunner 2 People on 1 Waverunner
Triple Waverunner 3 People on 1 Waverunner

Join Us For a Guided Dolphin Tour in Fort Myers Beach, FL!

Get up close and personal with our beautiful island! Your tour guide will drive a waverunner and you will drive your own and follow along. You can go single or you may have up to two riders. Great for most ages. This 18-20 mile round trip eco-tour allows you to explore the back bay, local plant/wildlife and even dolphin while experiencing the thrill of a waverunner ride. This is our most popular activity for good reason. All ages absolutely love this trip!! Our location on the beach is the closest to the dolphin and wildlife areas so we spend more time in the areas you want to be in!!

More Information

  • It is recommended to bring suntan lotion and a towel.
  • Jet ski’s have small compartments to hold smaller items. However, it is best to leave all valuable items back home or in your vehicle. The compartments aren’t waterproof and there is always a chance the latch could break. We can hold onto your keys etc.. in our lock box as well.
  • If the weather is unfavorable for this activity and the vendor calls off the rental, we will attempt to reschedule for another time or day. If we cannot meet customer demands for this, we’ll refund the purchase amount.
    Please remember to tip your tour guide. They go the extra mile to provide memories of a lifetime for you!


Tour info and Restrictions:

  • This is a guided tour
  • Arrival time for tours is 9:15 to 9:30 at the very latest.
  • All Ages could join the tour but the waverunner driver must be 16+ years old
  • Adults born BEFORE January 1, 1988 can operate a jet ski with a valid driver’s license without a Florida’s Boater License.
  • Person signing the contract must be 18, have a valid picture ID, & a VALID credit card for incidentals, minors will need their parent to sign for them to participate.
  • Those born on or after January 1, 1988 can operate a jet ski, but are required to take a Florida Boaters Test and must be 16 years old with a valid photo ID. These tests are available upon arrival for $3. They take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please arrive early if someone in your party is taking this test. Taking the test online ahead of time is HIGHLY suggested. Click Here to study and take the test.
  • Total weight capacity is 400lb.
  • This activity is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Children can ride along with a parent based on their size and ability to hold on while in motion